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CO.DA.P. is a multinational company specialized in the production and marketing of aerosol whipped cream, non dairy creams, desserts, and innovative beverages.

The first firm in Europe to produce whipped cream in aerosol can, today CO.DA.P. is the largest private company in this field. For over forty years, our passion for the continuous search for better ingredients and technologies, and for more effective manufacturing and marketing practices, continues to guide CO.DA.P. every day in creating high quality products.


innovates creams and desserts of the world with passion and imagination..

Our Mission

CO.DA.P. will confirm the leading world position of its brands and its technology, guaranteeing a sustainable growth that will prove lasting over time.

The enlargement and promotion of its international organization, a continual attention to quality, market-oriented innovation and efficiency in its processes will be the distinctive elements that will continue to reinforce and enhance CO.DA.P.´s links with its customers.

CO.DA.P. will achieve its objectives by developing and consolidating its skills of excellence, by giving value to people, by bringing enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility to the tasks it carries out, and by using and involving all its resources, in an organization that is fully capable of meeting the challenges of the market.


Passion for our work: attention to quality, customer care, technological innovation, and employee expertise. These are the fundamental values that reaffirm CO.DA.P.'s Vision on a daily basis.
Guided by these values, we are deeply committed to our Quality Strategy, for which we dedicate ourselves to:
Improve, continuously, our knowledge of the markets in which we operate and to understand our customers in order to build collaborative relationships; Produce superior quality products at the least possible cost and in full compliance with all current regulations;
Develop the expertise and professionalism of all of our employees through training and technical education in a calm, pleasant and stimulating work environment in which everyone has the opportunity to optimize their professional attributes;
Conduct constant research, both for the development of innovative products and technologies, and for the continuous improvement of company processes;
Integrate our activities in a manner compatible with the world outside, never wavering in our protection of the environment, and the development of the communities, in the surrounding territory.

Consult the Recipes section, or go to the information page for the individual product
Consult the Products section to see all product's details (ingredients, supply information, product codes, etc.)
Storage conditions: The product can be stored at room temperature. To preserve optimal quality keep the product in a cool place and do not expose to temperature above 25°C. Once opened keep in refrigerator. Do not freeze.
CODAP offers a broad range of sizes, from 150 ml up to 750 ml, to cover the needs of retail distribution channels as well as Ho.Re.Ca. (Hotel, Restaurant, Café and Catering). For more details on available sizes for the various brands, consult the Products section.
Aluminium has several plus which make it the ideal packaging material:

Aluminium is an inert material and thus does not react with its contents;

The can is constructed from a single piece and therefore also has no seam. This prevents possible weak spots in the cylinder;

Aluminium guarantees the preservation of taste and a long-lasting hygiene;

Aluminium is recyclable.

L'alluminio ha una serie di pregi che lo rendono il materiale ottimale per confezionare prodotti alimentari:
E' un materiale inerte e pertanto non reagisce con il prodotto in esso contenuto;
La bombola viene generata da una singola pasticca, non ci sono pertanto saldature e si annulla quindi il rischio di perdite dalla saldatura;
Le caratteristiche organolettiche del prodotto in esso contenuto sono preservate meglio e più a lungo;
E' riciclabile.
Check the tab to see the complete list of Codap's products for vegetarians.
Although CODAP products are UHT, in order to ensure optimal performance, shipment in refrigerated vehicles is recommended so as to avoid temperature fluctuations that could cause damage to the product.
Whipping process of both dairy and non dairy cream is an essential phase. In order to always assure maximum performances, it's strongly recommended to follow the instructions printed on the packaging. Read also the other FAQs reported in this section.
Almost all Codap's products are gluten free and can be consumed by people suffering from coeliac disease.
Lactose intolerance is the inability to metabolize lactose, a sugar found in milk and other dairy products, because the required enzyme lactase is absent in the intestinal system or its availability is lowered.
The most common symptoms of Lactose intolerance are:
Such symptoms generally appear soon after Lactose is ingested
CODAP is open to considering co-packing arrangements and has significant experience in this field. For more information contact:
CODAP exports to Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Refer to the Contacts section to find the CODAP office nearest you.
Like almost all food products, CODAP´s products do contain allergens. Control of allergens during production is accomplished through the strict observance of special procedures aimed at minimizing the risk of cross contamination.
More information for specific product is available at: Products

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